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Insulation Products

Sealing & Insulation Products

 1. Non- Asbestos-rubber joint sheet
 2. Fibreglass cloth and tape
 3. Ceramic Cloth
 4. Packing: PTFE packing, Graphite Packing,
    Ramie Grease Packing, Graphite Ribbon Packing,
    PTFE Ramie Grease Packing, Aramide Fiber
    Packing, Carbonized Fiber packing, Expanded
    Graphite Braided Packing, Cotton Grease Packing,
    PTFE Cord, etc..
 5. Spiral Wound Gaskets
 6. Pure Graphite Sheet, tape
 7. Metal Foiled Graphite Sheet
 8. Felt

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 1. air-filter
 2. Oil-absorbent paper
 3. Uniform
 4. Cotton Bed Sheet, Cotton Blanket Cover,
    Cotton Pillar Case
 5. Acrylic/wool blanket
 6. Cleaning Cloth


 1. Flanges
 2. Camlock(A,B,C, DC)
 3. Quich-coupling
 4. Copper Washer; Copper Ring Kit

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